Name: WebCart

WebCart is an advanced MobiCMS plugin that enables Mobirise users to integrate a shopping cart with product management features into their website


Works with Mobirise 4.12.0 and above. If you are using Mobirise 5.4.0 and above you need to include jQuery plugin on your page

Current Version 1.2.0

Before now, Mobirise is know for building a static web shop, Meaning that everything, including adding of product, price, product image upload e.t.c must be done on the Mobirise builder application before you upload to your website.

Then the Big question is:

  • What if i want a add a new product after i have published the website.
  • Can i be able to change product prices after publishing of website.
  • Can i correct error if there is typo error on the product information.
  • Can i enable or disable a particular product sells after publishing my website.
  • How secure is my Shop cart system.

All this questions and many more is the reasons for the Birth of Webcart Mobicms plugin, it intend to bring about a paradigm shift from the traditional Mobirise shopping system.

Frontend Features(Mobirise Extension):

  • Latest Product Block.
  • Product by category block.
  • Product by group name and brand name block.
  • Shop-cart Navbar/Menu.
  • Advanced Cart system.
  • Multiple Payment Options(Paypal,Stripe,Payfast,Paystack and Pay on Delivery).
  • Product Quick-View Display.
  • Muiltiple Product Images.
  • Product list pagination.
  • Checkout processing
  • Sort product by Name or Price

      See Webcart Demo

Backend Features (Mobicms Plugin):

  • Product Management(Add, Update, Delete) Product from your backend.
  • Upload Product images (Single or multiple image upload per product is supported)
  • Choose and configure your Payment Processor Gateway by just filling a simple form
  • Sales Page Module(See who purchased, date, customer information and payment status from your backend).
  • Product Category and Brand Module(Create new categories/brand and upload their images).
  • MySQL Database storage system (Your shop information is on your server, No 3rd party access)
  • Back-end Product storage(Re-uploading of website can not effect your existing product)
  • Plugin Settings(Configure every aspect of your shop)
  • Automated payment IPN and Webhook Handler without coding
  • And Still counting.

      Download Webcart


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