Usermanager Advance

Name: User Manager Advance

User Manager Advance is a MySQL plugin that enables Mobirise users to integrate a complete login, signup and password with a reset system option.


Works with Mobirise 4.12.0 and above. If you are using Mobirise 5.4.0 and above you need to include jQuery plugin on your page and also Fontaweson icons 5.2 and above is needed for form input icons

Current Version 1.2.0

Frontend Features(Mobirise Extension):

  • Login Form System.
  • Signup Form System.
  • Forget Password Processing Form.
  • Reset/Change password form system.
  • Calling a secure page API on any page will force users to login to access page content
  • Creating a page with personalized feature is now possible(Need Mobirise code editor).
  • Disable new signup(This is important if you want to stop new account signup).

      See Usermanager Demo

Backend Features (Mobicms Plugin):

  • Uses MySQL Database engine(Ideal for heavy traffic website with concurrent database read and write)..
  • Dual Account type(Basic and Premium) account types
  • Admin can update user information from the dashboard.
  • Admin can see all the users information of people that signed up(Note: Password not included).
  • Admin can suspend and create a new signup from the admin dashboard..
  • Admin can now setup the page to redirect the user after a successful login
  • Likewise, the admin can set the page the user will be redirected to after logged out
  • Disable new signup(This is important if you want to stop new account signup).
  • Set session name(This is important if you want to force logout everybody).
  • Set if you want to use Username or Email as the main account login field.
  • And Still counting.

      Download Usermanager


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