Simple Blog

Name: Simple Blog

Simple Blog is a MobiCMS plugin that enables Mobirise users to integrate a complete blog system to their website.


Works with Mobirise 4.12.0 and above. If you are using Mobirise 5.4.0 and above you need to include jQuery plugin on your page

Current Version 1.2.0

Frontend Features(Mobirise Extension):

  • Blog Article Listing Block.
  • Blog Category Listing Block.
  • Blog Content Reader Block.
  • Paginate Article
  • Configure number of article page.
  • Responsive Blog Design.
  • No Coding.
  • Theme your blog with a click of a button.
  • View your blog display before production(Developement).

      See SimpleBlog Demo

Backend Features (Mobicms Plugin):

  • Article Management(Add, Update, Delete) Article from the Simple blog Back-end.
  • Advanced Content Editor(Summer note).
  • Insert images, videos,table and other HTML elements to your blog article
  • Link your Facebook, Instagram, twitter e.t.c    pages to your blog.
  • Database Storage(Simple Blog is powered by SQlite3 database).
  • Back-end Product storage(Re-uploading of website can not effect your existing article)
  • And Still counting.

      Download SimpleBlog


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