Photo Viewer

Name: Photo Viewer

Photo Viewer is a MobiCMS plugin that enables Mobirise users to integrate a Dyanamic Photo Gallery to their website with a Database backend.


Works with Mobirise 4.12.0 and above. If you are using Mobirise 5.4.0 and above you need to include jQuery plugin on your page

Current Version 1.2.0

Frontend Features(Mobirise Extension):

  • Gallery by pagination block.
  • Gallery by tag block.
  • Carousel Slider block.
  • Light Box for smooth image dispay.
  • Configure number of image per pagination from the Cog.
  • Ajax Image loader from backend(improved page loading).
  • Configure Carousel from the Cog.
  • Theme color from the Cog.

      See PhotoViewer Demo

Backend Features (Mobicms Plugin):

  • Admin can Upload new or Delete your previous uploaded photos.
  • Admin can add or update gallery Tag names from the back-end
  • Choose if you are uploading image as a gallery or carousel
  • SQlite3 Database storage system reside on your server(No 3rd party access)
  • Back-end Image storage(Re-uploading of website can not effect your existing uploads)
  • Plugin Settings(Configure every aspect of your gallery)
  • And Still counting.

      Download PhotoViewer


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