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How to Build your first Mobicms plugin

Building or Rather packaging your application, be it a client or server side application to Mobicms plugins is not far from the development of the native mobirise extension,

The only different is the file structure and a bit logic on the application  variables, but if your have been building extension for mobirise, learning how to build mobicms plugin will be easy.

So here we are going to learn what Mobicms plugin is all about, how to build one and a download sample of the mobicms plugin skeleton, which will help you understand the concept better.

What is Mobicms plugin? :  It is a complete Browser or Server based web application, that was bundled into a standalone plugin, that utilize a well structured mobicms logic in interpreting and rendering it function under the framework of mobicms.

How can i build a Mobicms plugin? : If you have knowledge of a server side programing language,  be it PHP,Node.js,e.t.c All you need is to build your application with the programing knowledge you have and with our downloadable skeleton plugin file, you can convert it to Mobicms pugins

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