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Most of the questions you want to asked, may have be anwsered here.

Mobicms is 3rd party headless CMS developed with the main purpose of given mobirise users the ability to integrate a dynamic pages and web content into their static pages created with Mobirise website builder, just like Wordpress.

On how we come about it. During our usage of mobirise website builder and our interactions on the official mobirise forum, we discovered how powerful the application is and how it has helped non coders, to build a sofisticated web application without written any code. But we also find out that mobirise users of whom 80% of them are not programmer/coders want to be able to integrate building dynamic web content and applications development features using the software they have failing in love with, thus Mobicms. Is here to bridge that gap between the coders and non coders by creating the platform for mobirise non coders to achieve their desire web development goal without deviating from the Mobirise Developers core goal of not written any code . 

Not at all, Mobicms is a 3rd party mobirise extension developed by a group of programmers (Mobirise Users) Headed by Mr Innocent(a.k.a Mr Singa). to intergrate building dynamic page, web application development using mobirise website builder.

No, Mobicms is free for everybody to use on personal and commercial web development project.

Yes, we said that, you can use Mobicms free without subscribing to our premium plans.
But on the plugins, we have Basic and Premium plans. Basic are the free users who just want to use the core mobicms engine and basic plugins in building a dynamic pages and applications while the premium users are the advance users who will like to have access to download all the premium plugins and use a white lable mobicms engine.
You will aggree with me that maintaning this project, the plugins, paying for hosting and domain renewal is capital intensive and we dont want to abandone this project along the way because of lack of sponsorship, So what we do is to find a way to make this project sustainable.
So we see users that subscribed for a premium package as the sponsors of this great initiative and we promise not to disappoint.

On both Basic and Premium plans, you will have access to download Complete version of Mobicms mobirise extension and use it on unlimited website you are building with mobirise for personal and commercial use. But the only limitations with the basic package is that you dont have can to remove support me link on the mobicms dashboard and plugins. But on Premium packages, Mobicms and Plugins dashboard come without support me link on it.

Also you can install any plugins on both packages, just that on basic packages, you only have access to download free plugins, But for the premium package, you will have unlimted access to download and use all our premium plugins even the ones that we will still develope in future, as far as you are still within the subscription days.

On Updates, you will get latest update on the Core Mobicms engine once we release it, But for the plugins, you get update to the plugins that is for the current subscription package.

Note: That your account will be automatically revert back to Basic package at the expiration of your annual premium package date and you will not be able to download update for the premium plugins you have aleady , but you will still use all the premium plugins files you have downloaded before your subscription expired to build unlimited website withour limit. 

Mobirise extension is mainly a client(browser) side addon which has some limitation in function while Mobicms combine both the client side, Server side, database and backend dashboard to manage the plugin database.
With Mobicms plugin, you can integrate any application to mobirise no matter how complicated it may look like.

Mobicms has an independent data storage system and database that has no connection what so ever with Mobirise. Infact Mobicms has it storage system that resides on your server and re-working and re-uploading of your mobirise work wont alter anything you have done on mobicms before.

Our development plan is Simple, Just building a cutting adge application that will be a problem solver as far as web development is conern.
For our Goal, we are targeting  the development of many useful plugins that will stand a test of time. 
We are working to delivering about 4 working plugin every year and by the grace of God we will make it happened.

You can use our contact us form below to suggest for us any plugin feature you want us to build.and we may consider that if we find it useful.

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