MobiCMSv1.0.0 Beta

A 3rd party headless CMS developed with the main purpose of given mobirise users the ability to integrate a dynamic pages and web content to their static website created with mobirise website builder, just like Wordpress.


Download Mobicms extension

Click on Download now button to download the mobicms mobirise extension.


Install on Mobirise 

After you have finished downloading the extension, import it through your extension installation manager on mobirise.


Start integrating dynamic pages and application

Once you have that installed, you are ready to build dynamic website with mobirise..

MobiCMS Features

No Coding

With MobiCMS you dont need to be a programmer to build a dynamic webite or contents as we have dont the strees lifting for you.

Easy to Setup

Setting up Mobicms is very easy, as the extension is a standalone application without external dependencies to function

Grid System

Page and Plugins content was build using boostrap grid system, to give your website the needed responsiveness.

Use For Unlimited Website

Use mobicms for  your personal or commercial website jobs, but you will have to subscribe to our Premium Plan to have a White lable Dashboard without link back to Mobicms 

Plugin Installation

With plugin installation feature, you will be able to install a completed web applications such as: blog,shop,forum, flight booking e.t.c without coding.

Wysiwyg Editor

  Mobicms uses what you see is what you get(wysiwyg),  web content editor, which was well setup for easy content usage. Thanks to Summernote

Free Backend

Mobicms comes with a standard backend, that will enable users to add,update pages and also install and uninstall plugins without writting any programming code

Databae Engine

Every content added,updated, installed or uninstalled is been stored on a database of which re-uploading of your mobirise work won't affect the stored stored content

Build your own plugin

Learn how to convert convert your application developed with PHP/Mysqli, ASP, Phython, Node.js, javascript and othere programming languages to an installable Mobicms plugin.

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